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    Welcome to all viewers of our school website. Our school is underpinned by Gospel values; the teachings are the foundation stones upon which the school is built. The values of Humility and Gentleness, Truth and Justice, Love and Peace are vital to us. This means that we try our very best to look after our pupils by developing strong and trusting relationships between the children and ourselves. Good relationships are vital at all levels in the school. We try to foster mutual respect and respect for where they are. This is manifest in the high expectations that we have for appearance and behaviour. In this way pupils show that they are pleased and proud to belong to our ‘family’ at LBD International.

    We need to build resilience within our pupils so that they can learn to overcome problems that are bound to confront them. We find that a focus on learning and how we do it significantly contributes to the well being of the children.

    Furthermore we try to ensure that the lessons are taught by enthusiastic teachers, who will engage and interest the pupils. In this way we give pupils a desire to learn more, take on fresh challenges and build their self-confidence. In addition we offer a wide range of extra curricular activity, which enhances the pupils experience of the school and serves to further develop their awareness of the value of working together for the good of the community.

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